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3D GreenScreen
Wow your guests with unlimited 5x7 glossy photos featuring your choice of over 300 amazing backgrounds and counting! Magazine Covers, Movie Posters, Celebrities, Sports, Exotic locations and more…Always delivered to your guests in professional looking photo frames.  You will also receive all of your photos, digitally, after the event so you can scrapbook, print, Facebook, and more. Our #1 seller.

StarPix! PhotoBooth
Get super high quality 5X7s or strip photos in this ultramodern photobooth.  With an emphasis on props and fun, you choose your backdrop (floral walls, Sparkly Gold, Sparkly Silver, Black, White, or custom), your own custom graphic to personalize the photo, and press GO! Unlimited photos for 3 hours.

Flip-Motion Photos
The future is NOW!  Hip photographers take 2 pictures at a time to create a 3-dimensional story board which comes to life in these awesome lenticular style photos.  (Lenticular technology is a special process that allows us to create the effects of depth or movement.) Once the process is completed, the guest will hold the photo in one position to see the first image and tilt it back 35 degrees to reveal the second image.


LED Uplighting
Transform your room with over 1 million custom colors, premixed, to make your room look spectacular.  These cool-to-the-touch LED Uplights are as new as it gets in terms of technology and the standard in the industry to take any social hall and paint a picture beyond your wildest dreams. All of these uplights are placed around the perimeter of the room to create this spectacular effect.

Name in Lights
Gobos & Monograms allow you to personalize your event space with the name of The Guest of Honor, Corporate Logo, or Special Message. A gobo is a custom laser cut piece of metal or glass which when projected through a high powered LED light creates a spectacular emblem on any wall or dance space at your party.

Laser Show & Haze Machine
All programmed live by our very own “laser-tech”, our laser show takes “Name in Lights” to a whole new level.  Using a special RGB laser we project graphics, moving designs, names, logos, etc. to the wall above the DJ creating an interactive show during the event which can be changed as the show goes on to reflect different dance sets, a candlelighting ceremony, or special moment.

LED Dance Platforms
These larger-than-life light-up dance stages add excitement to the dance floor and splash color onto your guests as they dance to the music.  Lighting up from all sides, these awesome boxes can hold 4-6 kids, each.  A great addition to any party going for that “Club Vibe.”

Montage Projection
With an 8-10 foot large projection screen, our technician uses state of the art digital equipment: DVD player, HD LED Projector, professional cables, and expertise to display a crystal clear montage for all of your guests to see.  We’ll even route the sound directly into our DJ system to create an even better experience.


Airbrush: T-Shirts, Hats, Boxers, Bags, & Tank Tops
Included in your Airbrush package are 2 people.  Our awesome airbrush artists create items with flare for all of your guests to take home as a souvenir.  We also include an assistant to take all the orders quickly and get the line moving so your items are created quickly. We display our “Dream Board” to show 100’s of designs to give your guests the inspiration that will help them to make a great choice for their personalized gift.

Tattoos- Airbrush, Glitter, or Flash
Airbrush Tattoos – Your personal artist sprays wherever you choose. Everything is dry within 2 minutes. Colorful, fun, & memorable!

Glitter Tattoos – Tons of cool designs to choose from…Sparkle! Very popular at Bat-Mitzvahs.

Flash Tattoos – We offer Gold/Silver coloring throughout with different shapes, sizes, and designs. We love wearing these temporary tattoos with our dressy, elegant looks.


Game Stations

Game it up for cocktails!!!  These interactive game stations offer a choice of over 20 games to get kids dancing, singing, playing guitar, racing and more. We always include 2 giant flat screens, an interactive attendant to keep the games running smoothly, and an endless supply of batteries. Game choices include: MarioKart, RockBand, Guitar Hero, Wii Sports, Wii Resort, Just Dance, Michael Jackson Experience and more…

Game Show Experience
Who’s The Genius???
Great for Kids and Adults; Questions in every category!!!
Extra large HIT buttons, Neon Arrows, Bells, Buzzers, Sound Effects, 2 Microphones, and HUGE score numbers for everyone to see, make this the REAL DEAL!